How to avoid a crisis online?

When unfortunate events occur in your business, a startups website and digital strategy can be extremely effective in putting things right. However, many businesses aren’t equipped to respond. By either ignoring the problem or tackling it in the wrong way, they can turn a hiccup into a crisis – and a crisis into a catastrophe.

With a solid digital strategy in place, you can avoid the pitfalls and even turn negatives into positives. Take KFC’s response to a chicken shortage. Digital strategy played a huge part.  KFC’s homepage was quickly updated to include an interactive map of affected stores. What’s more, the prompt, clever use of social media got KFC trending for positive reasons.

This kind of response meets both the “react” and “respond” phases of crisis management. Through accessible, swift, easy-to-navigate and integrated platforms, you can be prepared for almost anything. It’s all about getting the message across and taking control of the narrative.

Here are some examples of a crisis that was dealt with online:

A classic example. Teething problems with new suppliers caused widespread shortages. KFC home page was updated to include interactive map of stores with menu information. Combined with a humorous advertising campaign, the company’s response was swift and informative, keeping consumers up to date

BP oil spill
BP created a section of its website dedicated to the spill, complete with photos, video, and maps that track the cleanup. There was an integrated approach across social media platforms, including regular Twitter updates. was set up in partnerships with other relevant organisations.

In the wake of the horse meat scandal, Tesco pledged to set up a ‘farm and factory’ website, opening up the supply chain to consumers. The CEO appeared in a video response on company’s blog, There was prominent ‘We apologise’ banner on their homepage, along with with print and social media apology.

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