Frequently asked questions

What is Clockwork?

Clockwork is a full service online marketing and PR agency that offers the perfect mix of freelance flexibility and agency professionalism. We have a network of trusted freelancers all over the world — across multiple timezones — and a core team of dedicated account handlers.

Can my studio or agency work with Clockwork?

We’re always keen to work with both smaller agencies and studios (as client need dictates), so feel free to click here or email us on if you’re interested in partnering.

How do I join?

Clockwork assesses each person’s credentials carefully to ensure we have the right people and enough work for each team member.

Our joining criteria:
1. You must be fluent in English
2. You have three references from previous clients or employers
3. You can supply your latest portfolio, CV / Resume, and LinkedIn profile.

Want to apply? Click here

I sent an application to work with Clockwork. Now what?

We review all the applications and portfolios we receive, and we aim to contact everyone within 2 weeks to confirm if they’ve been successful or not. We do receive a number of applications so if we haven’t responded to you within this timeframe, feel free to chase us up.

Can I update my profile with new skills and work?

For any updates to your profile, please email with all the necessary information, putting ‘PROFILE UPDATE’ in the subject line. We’ll aim to update your profile within a week of your request.

Can I reapply to Clockwork if I was rejected?

We’re always happy to reconsider — if you’ve upskilled or got some new experience. Send us an email to tell us what’s new.

I now have a Clockwork profile! What’s next?

That means you’re in – nice! The next step is for us to set up a call to run through practices, contracts, and payment details – to set expectations on both sides. It’s a casual  introduction that’ll take about 30 minutes.

Please e-mail if you haven’t heard from us.

What are the rates?

When we speak we’ll agree a daily, weekly, and monthly rate with you as part of the on-boarding process. Our clients will sometimes have particular budget requirements, but we’ll always make sure team members know what’s on offer.

How is work quality controlled?

We’re pretty hot on internal approvals. Our Project Management team reviews all work before it’s sent over to our clients. Your Project Lead will ensure it matches your brief and checks for any typos and errors. We’re committed to ensuring all the work produced is of the highest possible quality.

How do we communicate with your team?

Your dedicated Project Manager will be your direct point of call and will be on call via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, and e-mail. Our aim is to respond to any query within two hours.

Are there third party expenses?

Sometimes there may be third party expenses, such as printing or delivery fees, but these will be outlined in all our proposals. Any additional costs will be agreed with you and added to the final cost summary.

How many rounds of changes can we make?

We allow for three sets of corrections across design and content-related work. Any further changes are charged at our hourly rates – which can vary, but you’ll be made aware of costs in your proposal.

For special projects – such as video editing, animation, or voice over work – the number of corrections and the hourly rate will be confirmed before the project starts.

What if we don't like the work?

We have a strict approval process. This means that we will provide initial concepts or outlines before we start any creative work. It’s imperative that you review and obtain any stakeholder approval before we begin. We also understand that things can go off course, so we’ll set out a project roadmap with key milestones, ensuring that all creative work can be reviewed and approved at various stages.

What if we want to meet you face-to-face?

We don’t usually meet clients face-to-face as we have people all over the world (and we’re conscious of our carbon footprint). However, if we’re in the same country and in commuting distance then we’re always happy to meet you. Just let us know and we’ll work something out.

Why should I use you rather than using my local freelancers or marketing agency?

We position ourselves in between an online freelancer and a traditional agency. Most traditional agencies choose their client’s project teams based on who’s available. At Clockwork we showcase each of our teams’ portfolios and let our clients decide who they want to work with. This transparency ensures that you have someone with the right expertise and experience.

Will I have a dedicated Project/Account Manager?

Building trust and a strong relationship is a core belief of ours. All clients are allocated a dedicated Project Manager (Timekeeper) ensuring all milestones are met and there’s a consistent flow of communication at all times. Our Timekeeper’s aims are to work with you instead of for you — knowing your business inside out and thinking strategically with you.

Can you provide me with a Project Lead/Timekeeper in my time zone?

The way we look at it, different people work better at different times. Our aim is to find those who are willing to work in your timezone — even if they’re not physically located in it. If you’re happy for our teams to just get on with the work, we can arrange contact meetings at a time that suits everyone involved.

What if my chosen creatives aren't available?

We always try to match up your preferred creatives on all projects but sometimes that’s not always possible. For example, they may have other commitments or their rates might not meet your budget. In these cases we’ll always recommend an equally talented individual that can complete the project for you — a trusted creative that we’ve worked with before and had great results from. We’ll confirm all details with you before starting any project.

I need a freelancer with skills that aren't on your books! Can you help with this?

Our creative network always have access to a wide range of skills so in most cases we will find them. We will also provide you with at least two options to choose from to ensure you’re happy before work begins. Where we don’t have the skills in house, we’ll always make informed recommendations and/or referrals from trusted parties.

Have you got a fixed rate card, or do costs vary depending on who I use?

Our project management fees are fixed but our creative team rates do vary. All hourly rates will be confirmed in our proposals — along with any fixed project fees. Complete transparency and no hidden costs is a must for us — and our clients.

How will I be billed, through Clockwork or directly by each freelancer?

Clockwork handles all payments. If you’re based in the UK or US then you can transfer the money into our UK bank account. The details are:

Sort code: 54 41 19
Account number: 29539277

Alternatively we accept payment through PayPal (using or you can find us on

Who will I communicate with?

In your day to day communications you will liaise with your dedicated Project Manager but there may be occasions where you can talk directly with the freelancers. This can either be done through email, document edits, or via any agreed meetings that require creative input. We will always confirm this with you and collaborate with you and the freelancer.

What additional services do you provide?

We’re not just connecting you with creative talent. Everything we do is tied together by Clockwork’s experienced Project Management team: our Timekeepers. They keep things ticking over every step of the way: making sure projects stay on track and get delivered on time. Accountability and a rigid project process is a given.

What is the role of the Timekeeper? Are they my Project Manager?

Yes, your ‘Timekeeper’ is your Project Manager ensuring that the project stays on track and all key milestones are hit. They will be your direct point of contact keeping your mind at ease on budgets, timings, and project status — and their aim is to become an arm of your business looking out on industry trends and providing strategic advice and support.

Do you guarantee media coverage?

The media is — or should be — independent, so while we can’t guarantee coverage, we always ensure that work is completed to the highest standards by professional writers and journalists. We also provide a detailed PR/content plan that we continually monitor and update to review what’s working and what’s not.

What is your registered company details?

Our company is registered under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by shares, and the situation of its registered offices is in England and Wales.

Given at Companies House, Cardiff on 6th July 2018. 

Our company number is: 11453382


Further details can be found here on Companies House