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London, United Kingdom

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Copywriter and content marketer, Dave Barton, has been writing professionally for the past 12 years. He cut his teeth in B2B PR and has since worked his way across marketing, communications, advertising, and social media. Dave now operates as a freelancer from his native UK and continues to work with a number of startups and tech businesses around the world; doing everything from blogging, content writing, and copy, developing their brand voice, comms plans, and social media campaigns.

Work Experience

  • June 2017 - Present

    Partner / Copywriter / General cool dude!


    A partner in Clockwork, helping Startups connect to the best creative talent around the Globe. Dave has been with Clockwork from the start helping startups get their copy decks, propositions, websites, and any other word-stuff sorted before they hit the investment trail.

  • Aug 2014 - Dec 2016

    Copywriter and Content Manager

    UCAS Media

    In August 2014 I joined UCAS Media’s brand new marketing team – at a time when the commercial arm of UCAS wanted to extend its engagement with youth audiences and diversify its products and services. As well as content creation across numerous on and offline channels, my work is now more strategic as I’m involved in the broader marketing process right from the campaign planning phase. Key Achievements: Creating ‘Digz’ – an online video series (parodying MTV’s popular ‘Cribs’ show) in which current undergrads showcase their student accommodation, Developing ‘Vine Your Future’ – a series of six-second Vine videos, promoted across different UCAS channels, created to encourage sign-ups and attendance at UCAS Events’ two biggest higher education conventions – ‘Compose Your Future’ and ‘Design Your Future’.


  • 2004 - 2007

    MA, Film

    University of Sussex

  • 1999 - 2002

    BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance

    University of Plymouth


  • Royden James

    I would not do Dave any justice by trying to write some "word-smithy" text about his skills. Thats why I chose to work with him. Dave just gets it. He is a super great guy to work with and just has an amazing ability to craft copy that is genuine and a pleasure to read. I recommend his services almost on a regular basis. If you are trying to communicate with your customers, regardless of what it is, let Dave give it a once over. You will not be disappointed.

    Royden James, Founder at Upcard
  • Nadya Yurinova

    True professional and just a nice person to work with! Dave is always up for every detail, a great creative mind and listener, not only showing a deep understanding of how verbal communications work, but also immersing deep into client’s business. One of the taglines created by Dave for digital campaign became our company’s motto: Find yourself reading.

    Nadya Yurinova, Communications Strategist

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